My research has been supported by NSF, DOD, DHS, GMU, the European Commission, and the Greek Ministry of Education. The following list highlights the most important projects with a total funding of $14 Millions.

[2018-2020] DARPA

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has signed a 30 month cooperative agreement worth up to $1.5 million with George Mason University and Tulane University to fund research to test and evaluate different methods and tools for analyzing complex social phenomena.
Budget: $1,500,000
Task: co-PI (with Andreas Zuefle, Andrew Crooks and Carola Wenk @Tulane University)

[2016-2020] NSF/AitF: Collaborative Research: Modeling movement on transportation networks using uncertain data.
Creation a unified framework for aggregating and analyzing diverse and uncertain movement data on transportation networks and to provide tools for querying and predicting traffic volume and movement in urban environments.
Research areas: geo crowdsourcing, user-generated geo content, movement analytics, data mining.
Funding: NSF Medium, AitF
Budget: $508k
Task: PI

[2017-2018] DIVES: Discovering Indicators for InterACTIONS in Finance and Government Sector

In today’s complex environment the way power and influence are wielded and understood has changed. Intuitively we sense that the old models of understanding decision-making and governance no longer suffice. To shed light on the issue, this project follows a data-driven scientific approach that brings together a diverse team of scholars from the Schar School and the DataLab /College of Science to analyze and visualize patterns of linkage, influence, and governance in the crucial arenas of finance and the military. This interdisciplinary project combines expertise from data science, social network analysis, political anthropology, geography, and public policy analysis to mine big data, identify and visualize patterns and vital trends, and inform public policy.
Research areas: graph databases, pattern mining, interdisciplinary research.
Funding: GMU
Budget: $37k
Task: co-PI (with Matthias Renz, Amy Best, Janine Wedel, Nektaria Tryfona)

[2014-2019] Crowdsourced Gazetteers to Communicate Place Dynamics

Collection and mining of user-generated data from the Web. Extraction of places of interest to capture the meaning of locations assigned by human activities and events. To capture and model the linkage among places by generating links-of-interest (LOIs). Combined, places and links comprise a time-parameterized Web of Places that captures the meaning assigned to space.
Research areas: geo crowdsourcing, geospatial data management, stream processing, geodata fusion, user-generated geo content.
Funding: NGA NURI Award
Budget: $730k
Task: PI

[2015-2016] Health Narratives: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding Health-Related Information Generation and Dissemination in Social Media

With major health organizations embracing social media (SM) as a new avenue to communicate and harvest health-related information to/from the general public, advancing our understanding of the patterns of health narrative in SM is a novel multidisciplinary scientific challenge with substantial potential impact. This is the topic that we are addressing in this project.
Research areas: geo crowdsourcing, social media mining, health geography.
Funding: GMU
Budget: $50k
Task: co-PI

[2014-2015] Web Mapping Platform Visualizing Risk Assessment

Research areas: Web mapping, spatial data management.
Funding: University of Maryland/DHS (sub-award)
Budget: $64k
Task: PI

[2013-2015] GEOSTREAM – Exploiting User-Generated Geospatial Content Streams
GeoWeb 2.0 is the geographic embodiment of the Web 2.0 vision for the next generation of geographic information publishing, discovery and use on the Web. In this context, GEOSTREAM aims at providing novel techniques and tools for extracting, processing, and exploiting user-generated geospatial information on the Web.
Research areas: Geospatial data management, geospatial content generation, location-based services, mobile computing, Web publishing.
Funding: EC FP7, Research for SMEs
Partners: Research Center “ATHENA” Greece, Michael Müller Verlag Erlangen, WiGeoGIS GmbH Wien, Talent AE Athen, Fraunhofer ISST Berlin, FU Berlin
Funding: 900kEuros
Task: PI

[2012-2014] TMGuide – TALOS Mobile Guides
This Demonstration Action termed TMGuide (derived from TALOS + Mobile + Guide) proposes to enhance the mobile travel guide prototypes to bring them to a market stage and to promote their adoption and use among the respective client base. A key aspect in this project will also be on how to bring geographic information to life, i.e., converting static maps to interactive geospatial information.Besides technical improvements and the scaling up from a prototype to a commercial application, promotion and dissemination will be the main goal. We will carry out market studies in several EU member states and subsequent market plans to exploit the mobile guides in several markets.
Research areas: mobile computing, location-based services, context, personalization, geocoding, web scraping.
Funding: EC ICT-FP7
Partners: C FP7, Research for SMEs
Partners: Michael Müller Verlag Erlangen, WiGeoGIS GmbH Vienna, Research Center “ATHENA” Greece
Budget: 850k Euros
Task: PI

[2012-2014] SimpleFleet – Democratizing Fleet Management
Towards a simple creation of (mobile) web-based fleet management applications. Adrressing also the related geomarketing domain, which uses travel information in various geo-statistical analysis methods as well as visualizations of the data to be used in online and print publications.
Research areas: map matching, spatiotemporal data warehousing, shortest-path computation, data visualization
Funding: EC ICT-FP7
Partners: German Aerospace Center (DLR) Germany, Research Center “ATHENA” Greece, WiGeoGIS GmbH Vienna, Talent SA Athens
Budget: 1.8MEuros
Task: PI

[2010-2014] GEOCROWD – Creating a geospatial knowledge world
Basic research project in the areas of „User-contributed geospatial content“ and „geospatial data streams“.
Research areas: Stream processing, geodata fusion, mobile computing.
Funding: FP7, Initial training network (ITN)
Partners: National Technical University of Athens, Freie Universtät Berlin, Uni Bremen, ETH Zürich, National University of Ireland, Aarhus University.
Budget: 3.6M Euros
Task: co-PI, proposal coordinator

[2008-2010] TALOS – Task aware location based services for mobile environments
Extending the concept of location-based services to include tasks. Concept and actual prototype development for mobile travel guides (iPhone).
Research areas: mobile computing, location-based services, context, personalization, geocoding, web scraping.
Funding: EC FP7, Research for SMEs
Partners: Michael Müller Verlag Erlangen, WiGeoGIS GmbH Wien, Talent AE Athen, Fraunhofer ISST Berlin, KU Leuven, CTI Athen, IMIS Athen
Budget: 1.1M Euros
Task: PI

[2006-2009] CITER – Creation of a European History Textbook Repository
Integration of multi-language history textbooks based on temporal, geospatial and thematic (history) metadata. Development of a Web-based prototype.
Research areas: geocoding, information extraction, text processing, spatiotemporal data management, application design and prototyping.
Funding: EC eContentplus program
Partners: publishers – Klett, DZS, deAgostini, Alinari, Pearson Education, Anaya, CPI, technical partners – CTI, Talent AE, Esteam AB.
Budget: 1.8M Euros
Task: PI

[2006-2008] TRACK&TRADE – Building a data mart for floating car data

Deriving traffic information from “Floating Car Data”, i.e., using GPS tracking data form vehicle fleets. Shortest-path computation based on historic and live traffic situations. Prototypes for Athens, Vienna and Berlin.
Research areas: map matching, spatiotemporal data warehousing, routing, shortest-path computation
Funding: EC FP6, CRAFT
Partners: CTI, DLR, TU Wien, WiGeoGIS Vienna, Emphasis Athens, Geomatics Athens, Greenway Systeme Frankfurt, Talent Athend.
Budget: 1.1MEuros, (300kEuros)
Task: Project coordinator (PI)

[2004-2005] ARCHAIORAMA – Development of a GIS system for archaeological excavation documentation

Research areas: data modeling, application design, uncertain spatial information management
Funding: Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT)
Partners: CTI, Foundation for a Hellenic World Athens, University of Thessaloniki.
Budget: 380k Euros
Task: Technical manager

[2002-2006] DBGLOBE – A Data – centric Approach to Global Computing

Development of data management technologies for mobile computing, i.e., design of massively distributed systems based on mobile devices.
Research areas: mobile computing, spatial data management, metadata management
Funding: EC FP5, IST-FET
Partners: CTI, University of Ioannina, University of Cyprus, Aalborg University, Economic University of Athens, INRIA France.
Budget: 900kEuros
Task: co-PI

[2002-2004] ΙΧΝΗΛΑΤΗΣ (Pathfinder) – Development of data management and data mining techniques for floating car data (FCD).

Research area: map-matching algorithms, spatiotemporal data warehousing, data mining
Funding: Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT)
Partners: CTI, Emphasis Telematics.
Budget: 80k Euros
Task: PI

[1997-2000] CHOROCHRONOS – A research network for spatiotemporal database systems. 
Research areas: spatiotemporal query processing, uncertainty and spatiotemporal data, indexing
Funding: European Commission DG XII Science, Research and Development, as a Network Activity of the Training and Mobility of Researchers Program
Partners: Aalborg University, Techical University of Athens, FernUniversität Hagen, Universita Degli Studi di L’Aquila, Univ. of Manchester Institute of Science, Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, INRIA Paris, University of Thessaloniki, Technical University of Vienna, ETH Zürich.
Task: junior researcher (PhD student)